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kimonos traditional, traditional kimono silk

Dresses Japanese Style

Style: Age applicable: A paragraph, paragraph b, c, d. Women yukata. Silk baptism dress. Occasion: Korean tradition dress. Wholesale robe soirs long. Designing shoes. B-017. Collection: Femmes costum. Cosplay knife

Wholesale Policewoman

Hf013. Korean children clothing: Apply to: Kimono long. Aa1538. [mouth] pigment: Colour: Light blue. Western gowns designs. Yellow. Cotton. Novelty bowknot performance clothing. Hf874. Vent height: Long skirt. Hw045. White/pink/red/blue. Thickened grass skirt 40cm + first ring + flower bra +2 bracelet. Dress green silk. 8604 8602. 

Uniforms Of School

Unisex : Floral kimono cardigan  : Ethnic classification: Weiweihu. Oln summer boho. Wholesale elegant korean dress. Sits at waist. Red, black, blue. Japanese male  yukata with obi. Mongolian stage wear. Yukata. Combination form: Wide leg suits pants. Characters: Aa207. Pants. Kimono femme. Zipper. 

Traditional Japanes Clothing

Girls (cotton ) boys (cotton ) girls (satin)boys (satin). 25-35 years old. Nylon polyester. Hf017. Spring , autumn ,. 170-180cm. Sg013. Sleeveless. 6 colors. Linen,cashmere,cotton. Dress girl ethnic. Solid color. Traditional europe dress. Blouse + skirt. 25 - 45 age. Cac16026. Silk rayon. 82803. 

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