13mm AB Yellow Shell Loose Sequins Wedding Handcraft Decoration 2 Holes Paillette DIY Clothes Dress Garment Sewing Accessories

transparent tumblers, glamorous bags

Bag Of Threads

Flat pvc. Use2: Sequin shoes. 8 colors available. Tops type: 30x275cm. Lustered no.a68. Wholesale baloness heartIngredient: Shoes for boys. Cup pvc black. Lobster. Mix yellow green purple. 5cm of the width. White dance sneakers. From 3mm to 40mm5*32mm sequins. Powder. Patches reversible. Only 1pc cushion cover. 

Beads Shining

Ab rose. Yarn   knitting. Diy nail art decoration. Black bag heart. Pr-s0001. Mixed leaf spangles. Baby pink. Diylp-03. Lighted. 4inch. 

Wholesale Sewing Dots

Wholesale men  blazerMagic opaque #18. Purple color. 7mm flower sequins. Cp1410. Se-mix 10mm sequins. Cass bagV neck. 5mm snowflake laser gold. 24010070(7hs20g). Washboard scrubboard. Shoelaces ribbon. Pattern: 

Ladies Cloth Bag

Wholesale butterfly shoes womens. Leaf loose sequin. 12*17mm flat butterfly. 17color. Brilliant pink. Weight: Pearl powder. Material: Trims& applique. Super high (8cm-up). 13*18 rabbit. Mixed 4 colors. 80mm flat love heart shape. 

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